packing for boot (female)
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22 Nov 2017 10:59 AM
    i still have a few months until ill be sent to boot but i wanted to start stocking up on items needed and have a few questions.

    what type of underwear is the best for bc? the only thing i have read about this is they must be white.

    do we actually need to bring tights and a half slip?

    what kind of watch is allowed?

    what stores/ websites are recommend for all white socks and sports bras?

    are we allowed to bring black mid calf socks instead of using the ones provided?

    thank you!
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    05 Dec 2017 09:16 PM

    I used to be a recruiter, maybe I can help you out.

    Underwear should be comfortable and conservative. A black sports watch would be fine. Do not worry about the tights and half slip. You can find most of this stuff at any store (Target/Walmart).

    Also, make sure you bring an ample supply of "feminine hygiene" products. If you are currently on birth control pills, you may bring those as well. (Not trying to be creepy. I have a younger sister, wife and 2 daughters. I have seen it all!)

    Most of it you toss in the trash after boot camp anyways. (all the dirt, sweat and tears). Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    29 Dec 2017 03:10 AM
    Hello, I graduated boot camp last year. Be prepared to sweat for 8 weeks straight. That being said bring panty liners, enough for at least one a day. Not to sound gross, but it will save you from having sweat drenched underwear as you can can just change it out. Also after showering you don't always get time to dry off so it just gets absorbed into your clothes. Also bring as many bras and underwear as allowed. Find a bra that will still be supportive of you lose weight. I dropped 12 pounds and during week 5 or 6 I had to wear two sports bras for the support. Find a 2 in 1 shampoo that comes in an easy to squeeze out bottle. Even fill multiple small bottles. You will not have time to shampoo and conditioner your hair I promise you. If you are worried about body hair, I would wax right before shipping out so you don't have to worry about it for a while. But while you're there hairy legs is not a big deal and no one notices because you are too busy being beat! Also get hair ties that are decent quality and won't break easily as you will have to wear a tight bun at all times. Remember to always help out your shipmates! Let me know if you have more questions. It is a great experience, but definitely the most difficult thing I have ever endured besides child birth. Good luck!
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    29 Dec 2017 07:17 PM
    Bring extra undergarments in general. You usually go to the gym once a day, only have about 5-7 of everything, but do laundry every 4-5 days... sooo if you plan on changing your undergarments once after the gym and once at night after showering, you'll run out if you only bring the bare minimum. I would even bring an extra watch. It has to be black or metal. The new uniform regulations does not allow colors or white basically. I broke two watches in boot and had to ask my parents to ship one through the mail, so it took a couple weeks. You are really dependant on knowing the time....

    I dunno, ask about birth control too. I had to stop using the nuva ring because I couldn't bring them. So I got the shot. Messed up my cycle and let's just say I had to deal with it for a month.
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