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01 May 2018 05:46 PM
    Hello I have been at my first unit for almost a year now and have received about 15 3307 from the command most of which I do not believe I deserve. Today I received a letter stating that the OIC is intending to discharge me and says I am eligible for the coast guards second chance program. He is sending it up to and admiral and the admiral will make the decision understanding that I failed my probabtion requirements. I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and what is suggested. I’m really scared and stressed out and would like to continue a career with the coast guard but it seems as if I am on my way out. Any help please let me know
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    02 May 2018 05:10 AM
    Keep in mind, I do not know the whole story, so my advice is only based on what you have stated above.
    Also, my advice and guidance, may be rather vague, as again, I do not know the details.

    Whether you feel like you are having a hard time at your job or struggling at life in general, check your attitude, integrity and work ethic; most of the time it will be your attitude.

    1. You say that you do not deserve most of the 3307s you have received.
    Xboxburke, you have received more 3307s in one year, than most people receive in their entire careers. I am interested to know if these all stem from the same issue, or your overall performance. You believe that you do not deserve most of them - to me, this says that you are not holding yourself accountable. This is where you need to be brutally honest with yourself about your performance, and again, your attitude. If you still believe that you didn't deserve most of the 15 307s, you need to at least understand why your command wrote them. They may have been able to establish a pattern of bad behaviors, or poor performance. Our commands and supervisors want to help us improve our performance, learn from mistakes, and grow professionally. In order to help subordinates grow and learn, supervisors have to hold them accountable, which might mean writing a 3307. Your supervisors can only do so much; you have to do the work too, and show up with a good attitude and integrity.

    2. If you want your command to keep you here, then you need to prove to the Coast Guard that you want to be here. However, it does not seem that your performance is measuring up to Coast Guard standards. Ask yourself, "What can I do to improve my attitude and performance?" Again, be brutally honest with yourself about if the Coast Guard is the right place for you.

    3. I have had my own personal struggles due to family and work stress, anxiety and mild depression. Several times throughout my career, I have called CG SUPRT to make an appointment with a counselor/behavioral therapist. It has always been a stress relief for me to talk to a counselor/therapist about whatever I am struggling to cope with. You are eligible for 12 free sessions, before TRICARE will need to cover the costs. CG SUPRT is 1-855-247-8778.

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