AB License requirements
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10 Nov 2009 04:56 PM
       I have heard many different thing about requirements for an AB license. I have taken the AB course and the STCW training. I also have my TWIC card. I have 370 days sea time. Currently I am working on a 125 ft crew boat in the GOM. I was told I need to take my lifeboatman class, but I thought that was only needed to get my unlimited. As soon as I get my sea time I want obtain my unlimited AB. Can I take the class and mail in my lifeboatman certificate before I get my sea time? I know I have to have the sea time within a year after I take the class for the certificate to be valid. I have a random drug test letter, and a sea time letter from my employer. I also have my AB class certificates, and STCW certificates. I still need to get a physical report filled out by a doctor. My employer is also telling me you must work on a supply boat and have a captain sign off on your navigational skills, so you can be used for watches. Should I mail all my information in now, and later send my navigational watch letter later. What is the best direction for me to take, or the next step I should work on. Any information would be greatly appreciated! I am just hearing to many conflicting stories on what to do!                                Thanks in advance for any help! 

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