'Twas the Night Before Christmas - CG Style
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Old Guard2

24 Dec 2011 07:57 PM
    Coast Guard Patrol (On An Eighty-Three Footer)
    Written by “John,”
    Feb. 4, 1942

    ‘Twas two days before Xmas, our third day out
    When an ugly sky threatened and winds tossed us about.
    Another South to Northeaster ever gaining in velocity
    We had experienced before all her ferocity. 

    The barometer’s drop registered drastic changes
    A rough, menacing sea and ever increasing danger
    White caps enveloped us – waves high as thirty feet
    Made it impossible to sleep or eat.

    The storm grew raging and how our ship rolled
    Heaving and pitching, nigh out of control
    Men thrown from their bunks, cursing and grumbling
    Sea legs failing them as they came tumbling.

    Our new men – inexperienced and affrighted
    By the salts comments and catastrophe cited –
    “In two hours more we’ll be unable to stand”
    “Oh, God, help us to get in to land!”

    Relentless pounding – like cement blocks striking
    Our ship creaking and giving – all spirits blighting
    It seemed inevitable to our anxious crew
    Our brave little ship would split in two.

    Navy radioed – “Return to base!”
    A day and a half more we must keep pace
    With the dashing and pounding and terrific odds
    “Help us to get in,” we prayed to God.

    Our gallant crew – wet to the skin
    Hungry, weary, taking it on the chin –
    Four of them seasick – all of them new –
    but doing their jobs – standing with the crew. 

    Our base at Savannah – miles away –
    Out against the sea twelve hours and a day,
    Rolling – pitching – ship on its side,
    Wheel out of control – toward base we hied.

    ‘Twas midnight, Christmas Eve – when we sighted the light
    We were supposed to see at four that night
    “Oh, Star of Bethlehem, you’ve appeared again
    To fifteen, grateful, sea-worn men.

    We pulled into base a sorry sight
    But joyous – and thankful that all was right
    I’m sure it was God who showed us that light
    Christmas Eve — at midnight!
    Sector NY, Staten Island
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    25 Dec 2011 12:42 AM
    I like it! Here's one I saw somewhere (here?) and stole last year:
    Twas the night before Christmas and all through each state,
    Coast Guard families were starting to celebrate.
    Just then from the white House came an urgent call,
    A crisis had arisen that would affect one and all.

    In fact the U.S. State Department was frantic,
    For Santa Claus had just landed in the Atlantic!

    It Was foggy as ever; Rudolph had made a blunder.
    Santa, sleigh, and eight reindeer were going under.
    Though the stockings were hung by the chimneys with care.
    Poor Santa gurgled, "I'll never get there."

    When what to his wondering eye should appear;
    But some coast guard cutters with their rescue gear!
    The officers and crew were so lively and quick;
    Sure was a lucky break for good ole Saint Nick.

    With a nod from the captain. they went right to work.
    Rudolph was embarrassed, he felt like a jerk.
    Poor Santa was soggy, but as anyone could see,
    He was very grateful to the U.S.C.G!

    And we heard him exclaim as they towed him from sight,
    "If it weren't for age and weight, I'd enlist Tonight!"
    Honor: if you need it defined, you don’t have it.
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    27 Dec 2011 11:35 AM

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, no one’s very jolly
    We were steaming in circles on ocean station "Charlie"
    No stockings were hung, no chimneys were there
    And I’d just lost the pot to a lousy two-pair
    The Mid-Watch was weary, as was the O.D.
    Most especially the radar man in C.I.C.
    Their scopes are all dark, no aircraft in sight
    For who would be flying this cold Christmas night?
    Then a strange looking target shows up on the screen
    Unlike any target they have ever before seen
    Long, lean and narrow, and very very high
    The unnatural craft is just leaping through the sky
    It suddenly falters then starts a queer flight
    And the G.Q. alarm shrieks in the night
    "Take plane ditching stations, an aircraft in trouble
    There in the fantail, lay foam on the double"
    The ditch lights go over the sea lane to mark
    And help bring the pilot down safe in the dark
    It loses altitude swiftly as it passes O’er the ship
    Then turns into the glide path like cracking a whip
    The search lights are shining out into the night
    As we wait for the aircraft to break into the light
    His engines are quiet, no sound do we hear
    Then into the light speeds six tiny reindeer
    There is the sleigh all piled high with toys
    Ready to be delivered to good girls and boys
    "There’s Santa Claus" someone shouts with glee
    But poor Santa’s hanging on as tight as can be
    With a screech and a crash, they land on the deck
    And poor Santa’s sleigh is a terrible wreck
    Poor Santa is sobbing, he’s feeling real bad
    "Oh Dear" said Santa "what a terrible fright
    And I’m afraid for the children there’s no toys tonight
    The harness straps broke when I just started my trip
    I’d have landed in the ocean if I hadn’t seen your ship
    Oh what a mess" and he started to cry
    "I’m feeling so bad I wish I could die
    there are thousands of children just waiting for me
    And here I am sleigh wrecked out here to sea"
    The crew knew their duty and when not to shirk
    The picked up their tools and went quickly to work
    The saws started singing, the lathe stared turning
    And out on the deck the bright touches were burning
    the hammers were pounding: the paint brushes flying
    And a cup of hot coffee soon hushed Santa's crying
    The harness was mended and thanks to the crew
    The broken down sleigh soon looked brand new
    The reindeer were harnessed and hitched to the sleigh
    And soon dear old Santa was up and away
    "On Dasher, on Dancer, on Donner and Blitzen
    Heave round there you Prancer and Vixen"
    And the last thing we heard as he took off like a plane
    Was, "Merry Christmas to all, and God Bless the DUANE
    From the Commandants Office.

    Your sitrep was welcomed with shouts of good cheer
    From children when told that St Nick would be here
    When told of the mishap both girls and boys
    Asked if St Nicholas lost any toys
    We assured them that everything on board was saved
    And would be delivered to kids that behaved
    We are told father time with his beard long and gray
    In a very few days will be passing your waY
    Keep your crew on their toes and your lookouts alert
    And similar mishap you many avert
    A salute to the savior of millions of kids
    From your buddies at sea, proud of what you did
    Warriors against the raging main
    The valiant crew of the cutter DUANE
    Who rescued the toys
    For all girls and boys
    By the children all nestled in bed
    The highest tribute must be said
    T'was the DUANE who rescued the sled
    But one voice was heard to fret
    "Who in hell got my teddy bear wet?"
    From: DUANE
    To: Commander Eastern Area
    Info: All OSV’S
    Sit rep #1 and final
    Santa and sled and reindeer together
    Ditched along side up because of bad weather
    No damage to Santa but some to the sleigh
    Unfortunately the foremast got in the way
    Half of the crew went over the side
    In an all out effort to save Santa’s hide
    The whole ‘gol darned works was ready to sink
    When we finally got Santa Claus out of the drink
    We fed all the reindeer and patched up the sleigh
    And sent old St Nicholas back on his way
    So please pass the word to kids far and near
    That Santa will be there on time never fear
    We are sorry it happened we think it’s a shame
    Merry Christmas to all from the Cutter DUANE
    From: DUANE (Ocean Station Charlie)
    To ALL OSV’S (Ocean Station Vessels) US, FRANCE, DUTCH, GREAT BRITAIN
    Greetings from Charlie to all weather stations
    To ships of our own and all other nations
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good year
    Fair weather, smooth sailing and Happy New Year
    If you were hoping for the A Team you will be sorry to know you got the F Troop.
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    Old Guard2

    16 Jan 2012 10:32 AM
    An MST Night Before Christmas -

    Twas the night before Christmas when all through the AOR
    Not a barge was aground not even at all,

    The rigs were lit in the Gulf with care,
    In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would land there;

    The MSTs were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of oil spills danced in their heads;
    And Sector at their SITdesk and I with my smartphone,
    Had just completed a brief on a casualty in our zone

    When out on the Gulf there arose such a clatter,
    I went to the office to deal with the matter.
    Away to the workstation I typed and I clashed,
    I wrote a quick SITREP, in a hurry, in a flash.

    The moon had shown on the Brazos Flood Gates,
    And guided a tow straight to it like bait,
    When, what to my wondering ears should I hear,
    The duty phone was ringing, reception, not so clear,

    With a brand new controller, right out of A-school,
    I knew in a moment it mustn't be good
    More rapid than eagles his listing thy came,
    And he fumbled and through and called by name;

    Now Kirby! now Buffalo! Now WEB! And CHEM!
    On Eagle ! on Texas Boat and Barge!
    To the Brazos Flood Gates to the Galveston RR bridge!
    No damage, no pollution, no injury to them all!

    I spoke to the duty, he talked with a smirk,
    He inspected the barge and cleared it for work
    The day is now done, and while he drove out of sight,
    Sector NY, Staten Island

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