Thank you for the help..
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06 Jun 2003 02:25 PM
     if you read this....  and were the one that gave me that advice  Thank you,i know that you probably are saying i didn't do anything but you did, it was nice to actually have someone to talk to me and try and help me. Thanks again and hopefully we can keep in touch. By the way he went to the recruiting office and they told him what he needed to know i was kinda hoping for someone like a wife of a coast gaurd member to tell me what it is like knowing that you might not see your husband for weeks even months at a time.
    If there is anyone else out there that would know any info for me plz post.
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    16 Nov 2003 02:45 PM
    Yep... Hubby has done 16 years of stright sea time! While it's no picnic... it's a heck of allot better then our brothers in arms, who are in Iraq or Afghan... We are blessed. The boats the CG has are small and therefore can't stay u/w for very long at all. A medium endurance cutter may be underway for six weeks at a time, but they pull in somewhere every ten days. I've chased boats from port to port to see hubby and it was rather fun when we did! In fact usually I beat the line handlers... I had a rep for being an Aids to Nav.... Lol

    Please feel free to email me... at LISLJ@YAhoo.come
    My Prayer...

    Thank you to the powers that be for keeping my husband in the SE US.  Please God watch over him, as after 16 years u/w land is a strange thing to him...

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