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Fees and Questions - Certificate of Registry
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19 Nov 2010 03:47 PM
    I'm about to renew my MMD/MMC.  At the same time, I'm going to be applying for a certificate of registry for purser.  First of all, I've worked as an A/B aboard MSFSC ships for the last seven years.  Most of this time I was also involved in updating Qualifications and Certifications as well as personel information in databases aboard the ships to which I was assigned.  I revised and rewrote three databases for the AKE class ship and have assisted chief mates, pursers and cargo mates as well as watch officers aboard these vessels in keeping these databases current.

    Before I was a sailor, I worked in the fire sprinkler industry and at one point, had my own business for two years.  I kept all the accounting and payroll.  I was also the office manager for another fire sprinkler company where I also did all the accounting and payroll.  That being said, I've never sailed as a purser aboard any ship.

    First of all, I'd like to know how to figure out the fees I'll need to pay to get my certificate of registry and renew my credentials.  I know that the renewal is $95.00 but I don't know if the certificate of registry is added on, paid for instead and if they consider the certificate of registry something in the realm of officer and will be adding those fees in too.  I need to write out a check so having some idea of what I should write it out for would be good.

    Secondly, MSFSC apparantly does not recognize a certificate of registry for assistant purser.  I will need to obtain a certificate for at least purser.  Does anyone have any idea if my background will be sufficient to get a Certificate of Registry for Purser or if I'm just spinning my wheels?

    Thanks for any help that anyone can offer.


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