Possible to go back in?
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10 Jun 2018 02:26 PM
    I'm 37 yo and was served 4 years as an OS from 2001 - 2005, honorably discharged.  I have recently become interested in the reserves but I think being separated 13 years may be too long even though I'm under 40, plus I want to pursue BM or MK.  I had looked into Officer route (met basic quals) but may not be for me given my current state in life.  I'm thinking I would have to join all over as if I were never in.

    Anyone have any info?

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    10 Jun 2018 03:55 PM
    The cut off for Reservists who are prior service is 39, so age wise, you should be good. You'll definitely have to attend DEPOT (abbreviated three week boot camp). There will be no avoiding that. As for your the rating you want to pursue, you'll have to attend A school as well, unless you have some matching skill set that will allow your recruiter to submit a Rate Determination Package to the RFMC.

    Now the other thing to know about the Reserves, is that you're recruited to fill a specific billet at a specific unit (e.g MK3 at STA LA-LB). Also, the bilet must lie within the Reasonable Commuting Distance (RCD), which is 100 miles round trip. Now you can accept a billet outside the RCD, but know you're on the hook for commuting costs.

    One other piece of advice I'd offer if you decide to do this, is make sure you're properly credited with your prior service time. I came into the CGR in 2001 with approximately 9 years USAR/IRR time. I got a letter about three months after enlisting stating I owed the CG $2000 because my time didn't count. Someone at CGRC obviously didn't know what they were doing when they calculated my time. It took me 11 years to get it fixed and in the end, the CG ended up paying me $15K in back pay
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