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27 Mar 2013 07:44 AM
    Hey ya'll- I felt like I was along enough in my process n joining the Coast Guard to start one of these.
    I also REALLY want to thank everyone for answers and just for these forums in general! Ya'll have been amazingly informative, insightful, and uplifting, so, once again, Thank you!

    Just an quick update- Ive taken my ASVAB (with the Navy, yes I know...but I've obviously come to my j/k)
    I did well-ish (78)
    Scheduled MEPS Physical April 9th

    Met with CG recruiter yesterday and went well. He liked me and we started on more paper work already! He said BC for me could be anywhere from as soon as July to maybe August or September. All of these are very quick, which surprised me!

    only snags are my debt ratio. I have a BS Degree, so naturally school loans are there... Which can be deferred. My recruiter was very willing to put in the work to check on all of that for me, which i will  admit surprised me as well! I know they are WAY busy..
    ALL that said, I am truly thankful for all this helpful info on the site and look forward to sharing some of my journey with yall again soon! THANK YOU

    (sorry for any misspellings,.. lol )
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    27 Mar 2013 12:40 PM
    Looks like we're waiting on the same thing! The only difference is that I don't have a MEPS date yet, but I should know within the week hopefully!
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    27 Mar 2013 01:01 PM
    Welcome...enjoy your journey!
    I want to finally set it free, So show me how to see what Your mercy sees, Help me now to give what You gave to me...Forgiveness, Forgiveness

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