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06 Sep 2013 10:02 AM
    The long awaited day is, now, quickly approaching.

    My son will report to his hotel on Sunday; just a few hours away it seems.  As I understand it, he will go through MEPS again on Monday to change status to active duty.  He then ships out to Cape May on Tuesday, September 10th.

    I am so proud and excited for him but, of course, as his Mother I am nervous as well.

    He has a plan for his future; a good and logical plan. I support him fully.

    He is my oldest son. How did he grow up so fast?  How did I go to sleep one night with a little boy in the other room and wake up with a young man where that little boy was sleeping just minutes before?  That little boy, heading off nearly 3000 miles away from home to begin a new life as a young man serving his country.

    He chose to read military books and diaries of servicemen starting at an early age. So, I always knew this day would come.  

    I just didn't know it would come so soon.

    So many emotions this week...


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    06 Sep 2013 10:27 AM
    It really does happen in a blink of an eye. But you know you did good when they have a plan and are ready to fulfill that plan on their own.

    What a fabulous adventure coming up for him...we wish him safe journeys and an awesome experience.
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    Old Guard2

    06 Sep 2013 10:31 AM
    Hang in there momma. It isn't easy, letting him go is going to suck and you will cry. But you raised a strong young man ready to follow his dreams. That's what it's all about in the end. So through the tears there should be a lot of smiles. The days are going to drag by but the weeks will fly. HOpefully you have plans on attending the graduation. You think you'll cry this week??? Wait until you see him standing tall and proud in that uniform. Those are some pretty powerful tears. My father had to walk away for a minute to compose himself he was so darn proud of his grandson. The letters will start in week 2 with a form letter and then the personal letters will start. Expect maybe one a week, if he choses to write. They'll be packed wtih emotions of this is great, this is hard, this sucks, I love it... it's a roller coaster for sure. Then the phone calls telling you where he will be assigned. That's a great call.

    I still look at my son's pre-school graduation video, a little lamb walking in saying "Hi Mom" to the camera and then I watch his boot camp video and there is a young man in uniform. Pretty darn amazing!!! If you need anything, post away we will do our best to help. There are facebook groups for the companies, you can meet other parents, spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends with people in your son's company. You can share the emotions of boot camp. There is also a facebook group for just moms. USCG Moms... it is a crazy group of ladies, we share our ups and downs in just about every aspect of life. Our common thread is we are all Coastie moms and all really proud of our babies! So if you are on facebook, join up. PM me yuor name and I'll let them know you are coming. It has to be verified by another mother that you are a Coastie mom.

    If you have time... my one last recommendation... Date night. Just you and your son. No one else, no cell phones, IPADS, interruptions... Just the 2 of you. Have that last bit of time with your son. Colin and I had our date night, I think we sat for almost 3 hours in our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, just talking about everything and anything. Best night ever. Then he left a few days later. But I had that night with my best friend.
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