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22 Jan 2020 08:27 AM
     As the subject says I am gathering info for my grandson.  Please don't hesitate to correct me where I mistake anything.  My grandson is now 20, in HS he had a semester in Junior ROTC, Was elected to Boys State, played center on football team  (needs to lose 28 pounds to meet requirements), since graduation he has completed some collage credits.  He is interested in Health Services as his mom is a Nurse.

    1. After completing boot camp he will be non-rated, after completing 4 months he will be allowed to select the A-School of his choice (HS)??  I understand that there will be  waiting list which could be 36 months or longer, BUT he would eventually get his requested A School???

    2. While non-rated, It seems that he will need to be certified(?) before he is permitted for most duties, am i correct that this involves proving (by various methods) that he is familiar with and capable to to do the duties of the job??     

    3. Does "striking" mean that he could also take courses and eventually qualify for a different rate??

    Thank you in advance,
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    Old Guard2

    22 Jan 2020 10:17 AM
    Welcome aboard Squid, always happy to have a veteran and a guiding voice for the next generation.

    1. He will need a qualifying ASVAB score for his rating of choice. Otherwise, you are pretty darn close to spot on. The only other thing he will need is a command endorsement for advancement to attend A School. But yes, if he is willing to wait it out, and I always suggest you wait for the rate you want, he will go to the school of his choice. (they don't say 'choose your rate, choose your fate' for no reason)

    2. He will likely graduate boot camp an E2. He will get qualified in different jobs at his unit. He will make E3. Probably get some more qualifications, not necessarily because of his rank, just because he will have time to learn different aspects of things and train a little more. Nothing wrong with that, anytime you can learn something extra, go for it!

    3. Striking does mean you can advance through on the job training. If I'm not mistaken, there are currently no ratings that offer striking at this time. I can say HS is a rating that will never have striking as an option. He will not want to strike for something else because then he would remove his name from the HS A School list to become a Boatswain Mate or Machinist Mate or whichever rating has striking. I will say my son was on his ship for almost 3 years before going to A School. He asked his Chief can I learn this, can I learn that, even though it wasn't typically a nonrate job and would have nothing to do with his future rating choice. In some cases, he Chief said sure, let's get you quals (qualified) for that. In some cases, they said no, it wasn't something they needed him for. Ok, ask for the next thing.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know how we can help. Make sure your grandson hops on the forum and asks questions, too. We are here to help and happy to do it. Best of luck to him! Tell him, losing weight, cardio!!! Minimal to no weight training, he would likely gain from that.
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    22 Jan 2020 11:58 AM
    As Old Guard said he will need a high enough ASVAB score for the rate he picks. I also am not sure if it is just my SO's station that does it, but he may also need to know all the ranks of every branch of the military before his name gets on the A School List.

    For another time reference, my SO has been at his station for two years and two months. However, he struggles with school stuff so he does not have a qualifying ASVAB score for the rate he wants to go (he is retaking the ASVAB tomorrow and has been studying his butt off, fingers crossed!). The small station he is at lets him help with the jobs related to the rate he wants to go as well (MK- which is a mechanic rate). All the people at his station say that if the ASVAB was hands on, he would ace it; but they all say he will make a great MK once he gets the qualifying score.

    As far as I know (correct me if I am wrong), depending on where he is stationed there will be different qualifications he will have to get.

    Best of luck to your grandson!
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