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03 Mar 2011 11:22 AM
    What is TACLET (as in what do they do) and what are the differences between TACLET and MSST? Also, what are the required qualifications for each.
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    11 Mar 2011 06:18 PM
    TACLET is a deployable, law-enforcement team, consisting of law enforcement
    detachments (LEDETS) Their primary mission is counter-drug law enforcement. While counter-drug law enforcement is one of the LEDETs' largest missions, they have played an important role in military maritime interdiction and maritime security operations, conducting boardings and assisting in training U.S. and allied boarding teams. TACLET South continually deploy teams to the Caribbean, Pacific Ocean and Persian Gulf with deployments lasting 45 to 90 days. At a minimum, each member can expect to be deployed for 185 days of the year, normally on a Navy
    ship. You also have PACTACLET which is located in Southern California.

    Most LEDETS have approximately 11 billets where MSST's have around 75.

    MSST teams are also deployable but mainly stay within their AOR. MSST are staffed to maximize effectiveness executing Port, Waterways, and Coastal Security (PWCS) operations (enforce security zones, port state control boardings, protection of military outloads and major marine events, augment shoreside security at waterfront facilities, detect WMD weapons/agents, and participate in port level antiterrorism exercises). Maritime interdiction and law enforcement. MSST teams commonly are involved with;
    Anti-terrorism/Force Protection
    CBRN-E Detection
    Vertical Insertion (commonly referred to as Fast Roping)
    Search and Rescue (limited)
    Port Protection/Anti-sabotage
    Underwater Port Security
    Canine Handling Teams (Explosive detection)
    Tactical Boat Operations
    Hook and Climb
    Non-compliant boarding operations

    Either one depending on the Billet you are trying to fill depends on what the required qualifications are. I hope I answered atleast part of your question. If you have any more specific questions let me know!

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    17 Jun 2011 07:29 AM
    Thanks! This helps alot! I have a friend that just got assigned to Taclet South in Miami and went off for training. I know that he'll be deployed the majority of the time but in all the hype and farewelling I missed the chance to ask him. Does anyone know how long is the initial training going to take before he gets deployed on a ship for duty?

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