Army Reserve to Coast Guard
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23 Jun 2013 06:34 PM


    My name is Nathan Perry and I'm currently a Soldier in the Army Reserve.  I currently hold the rank of Specialist/E-4 and the military occupational specialty (MOS) of 88K Watercraft Operator and have been in the Army Reserve since March 2009.  I was was a Cadet in the Air Force Junior ROTC for 4 years and in the Civil Air Patrol for approximately 2 years.  I live in Vacaville, CA.  My Army Reserve unit is relocating to Southern California, meaning I'll have to switch is another local Army Reserve unit.  Instead, I'm interested in transferring to the Coast Guard.  I'd perfer active duty, but will accept going reserve as a last resort.  When I enlisted in the Army Reserve, I had to get a criminal waiver due to a burglary felony at the age of 13, but that is the only negative law enforcement contact I have ever had and I have served honorably in the Army Reserve.  I'm interested in the ratings of Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist or Boatswain's Mate.

    I'm currently deployed overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and I won't be attempting the switch until after my return, around September 2013.  The following are my ASVAB raw scores from 11 June 2008: MC-62, MK-43, AR-53, AS-57, EI-43, GS-53, AO-64, PC-48, VE-52 and WK-54.  My AFQT score is 48.  I know policies and/or rating vacancies might change by then, but according to the above information what chances do I have successfully transferring?  Also, since my MOS is directly related to seamanship, will I have to attend basic training again and will I be able to retain my E-4?  Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and support.

    Nathan Perry

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