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12 Feb 2014 02:17 AM
    I joined the Army in March of 2008 as an Active Duty 31B, Military Police. I am now an E5/SGT, currently on my second deployment in Afghanistan serving as a Personal Security NCO. I will be ETS'ing from the Army in May 2015 and I need to start exploring my options now. Joining the coast guard has always been an interest of mine, so I have a few questions. I would really like to join as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist.

    1.  Serving as Military Police and a Personal Security Agent, would this put me in a good position for acceptance into the ME rate?

    2.  Will I have to retake the ASVAB? My current GT score (VE + AR) is 115, current requirement for ME rate is 100. I have not taken the ASVAB since the beginning of 2008.

    3.  I have a pin-up girl tattoo on my left forearm which shows female breasts, would I have to cover that up in order to join the CG? Would a bra or swim top suffice so it falls within CG regulations?

    4.  Serving as Military Police, will I retain rank with the switch to ME? I understand and am willing to drop to E-3 if necessary, as I will be new to the TTP's of the CG.

    That is all the questions I have for now, I will update as they come. Thank you.
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    12 Feb 2014 03:27 AM
    Stay safe over there.

    1. The experience will help you, but all you really need to do is qualify on the the ASVAB and be patient enough to wait for A school. There are other avenues to Maritime LE if it's your thing.

    2. You will have to retake the ASVAB.

    3. Here's the most current tattoo policy for the CG:

    4. You'll come in an E-3, the ME rating is at 100% and the A school list is a 4 year wait.

    If you have any other questions, ask away.
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    Old Guard2

    12 Feb 2014 05:30 AM
    Be safe and thank you. Gears covered it, he is one of our best. The tattoo... sexy. LOL (My son has 9 tats, so I get it, just teasing you.)
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