Prior Service AET and HYT
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11 Oct 2018 02:08 PM
    Hey everyone, so I am coming up on my four month grace period before I can get my name on an a school list. Ideal I want to go AET, I have prior service experience, civilian experience, a degree, several other licenses and a passion for it. The only thing that has me nervous is the long wait it’s certainly at 15-18 months, plus the actual school time and the time I’ve waiting to get my name on the list. All and all by the time I’m rated I’ll be at somewhere between 7.5 and 8 years active. That will leave me with 2-2.5 years to pick up second class. 
    I understand there are waivers and I’m curious about average advancement time for second class and if anyone has any experience with getting the waiver. I really don’t want to gamble on a waiver considering my getting back in will leave me that much more behind in my retirement if I get forced out due to HYT. 
    I am considering going ET I think I would like it seeing as it’s similar just on a boat inside of an aircraft. Just prefer AET. 

    To sum up my rambling, I’m curious to see if anyone has experience with HYt waivers and how the advancement times are for AET. 
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    04 Nov 2018 02:09 AM
    AET, historically speaking, tends to move a bit quicker than AMT. When i was an AMT, it took me three years to the day to make 2nd class. AETs seemed to pick it up within around 18 months; however, there are peaks and valleys with advancements in the CG.

    Talk to your admin folks and determine how the waiver process works. As a prior airdale, I would advocate for AET over ET. As an AET you will be aircrew and still participate in actual missions, as well as being a technician. My two cents, good luck!


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