Prior service Navy Corpsman to MES
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26 Jul 2019 05:29 AM
    Hey everyone,

    Prior service 28 year old Navy guy here. I had a few questions so that I dont go into sitting in with a recruiter blind. I did 6.5 years active (EAOS'd as a E-4) and then 2 years reserves (EAOS'd as an E-5). I started my career as a Naval aviation rescue swimmer/aircrew then transitioned to Corpsman (medical). I worked in various settings from hospitals to Marine combat units and have a good record. I will have my BA at the end of this year and will be moving onto the next stage of my life. I would like to come into the USCG as a Maratime Enforcement Specialist and hopefully get an opportunity to try out for MSRT eventually. I realize the baby step concept and that I may not even be able to come into the USCG active duty. I was originally looking at the USCG officer options, but the selection for prior service seems unlikely. However, I may still apply. Otherwise, I have a few questions and am welcoming any advice...

    1. I'm assuming all prior service go to DEPOT regardless of how similar the Navy and Coast Guard communities are (or so it appears). 
    2. What are my chances of keeping rank?
    3. Does my degree award anything going straight enlisted? 
    4. Will any of my prior service get me the MES rate easier or shipped out faster?

    Ideally, I would like to spend time with MSRT or something similar and then get picked up for OCS eventually. I read it's a little easier to go to OCS as an Enlisted guy.Thanks for reading my post and once again any advice is appreciated. 

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    26 Jul 2019 09:23 AM
    1. yes, you will go to DEPOT
    2. You won't be coming in as an E5, especially since you want to change ratings
    3. Yes. You'll graduate DEPOT as an E3
    4. I don't think so. Be aware ME A School wait list is closed until further notice. It was closed for six months recently, reopened, and then closed again(back in May, I believe). Consequently, there will be one Hell of a backlog when the list is eventually reopened. Reservists are still able to go to ME A School, as they do not go on a wait list. THey are given an A School date by their recruiter.

    Something else you need to be aware of as a prior service guy with 8.5 years in, is something called High Year Tenure. This is a career management tool. It keeps people from sitting in one paygrade for too long. Essentially, if you haven't reached a certain paygrade by a certain point in time, you will be processed for separation. I think you'll be cutting it awfully close due to your prior TIS. You definitely want to get clarification from a recruiter on this issue.

    The two suggestions I'd have for you:

    If you want to be an ME, go in the Reserves.  You won't be able to go into MSRT, however, as there are no Reserve billets there

    If you want AD, go into your former rating (in the CG it's called HS).  Because you have significant experience, you *MAY* be able to get an A school waiver. Your recruiter would submit a Rate Determination Package to the HS Rating Force Master Chief outlining your training and experience in the Navy.  The Rating Force Master Chief could then authorize you to come in as an HS3, with an A school waiver.  Stuff to think about
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