Talk to me about DSF selection/assignments for Os
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04 Nov 2015 07:34 AM
    Right now I'm waiting for my PTMO packet to come back (current Army NG Infantry Captain) and crossing my fingers for selection.

    Because I'm a planner and can't sit still waiting to hear back, I'm doing some research to figure out how to reach my goals if selected. I understand the DSF elements aren't a long term a career, I understand it won't be my first assignment, and I understand they're very competitive assignments. What I'm looking to do is make myself a much more competitive prospect for DSF.

    I'm looking to make a plan to make myself a competitive choice for DSF and hit the ground running between notification of selection and my commissioning/DCO school.

    I'm very physically active and in good shape, having scored 322/300 on the last Army PT test I took. Looking at the DSF standards I'm well within the minimum and I still have 8 months of prep time before DCO.

    I've also looked at attending courses at a local private Military/LE training school which offers rifle and pistol courses as well as various SWAT operation training courses.

    Other than "do my best at schools and my first assignment", what certs and experience I can take on myself should I try to do? Currently I'm a Mountain Warfare qualified Infantry officer in the Army National Guard, who takes every chance possible to do state/regional/national NG marksmanship competitions and work with the Regional CBRNE team. I'd like to exploit my background, training, and interests if I get appointed to the USCG. Thanks for reading.
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    04 Nov 2015 11:51 AM
    It really is only going to come down to whether there will be billets open during your transfer season and if they are for your paygrade. Pretty much all O-1s are on an even playing field during their first transfer season. You can distinguish yourself with your semiannual evaluations, but I've heard those are another beast when it comes to officers. Going to a white hull, (ship that's white) will increase your chances of being able to get gun qualifications and boarding officer, but other than that, there isn't much in your control during transfer season.
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