MWR for Armed Forces Vacation Club and Lodging?
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08 May 2017 09:21 PM
    I have seen some Coast Guard Auxiliary websites and youtube videos that mentions the Armed Forces Vacation club, however they are outdated and the current Auxiliary website does not mention the Armed Forces Vacation Club. Does Auxiliary have access to use AFV Club? If so how do I register when it asks about military.. Is there someone I can talk to that could answer this? My recruiter never heard of this until I mentioned it to him. 

    The MWR mentions that Auxiliary units can use it however their site is outdated.. 

    Also can we use Coast Guard lodging areas and other military branch lodging areas?

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    20 May 2017 01:21 PM
    someone mentioned in another thread that you should never approach AD about MWR facilities until you've been around for awhile *and* have put in some hours, made yurself useful etc..
    All that being said, high command wants the CG civilians and aux to feel a part of "team coast guard" and tries to extend all the same privileges AD receive to the rest of the family, also.

    2.) Private-commercial outfits (USAA,etc) act like they are extending a special, restricted privilege, but can't resist extending xyz program to anyone remotely related to the military or it's auxiliaries; because it's actually marketing hype.
    (no insult intended and one of them, USAA, *does* have the great cust service they claim to have.)

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