Female questions.
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05 Mar 2012 09:08 PM
    I am copy/pasting an excellent post from one of our resident posters, FloridaGirl.

    Thanks Florida for taking the time to put this together!

    Ok, so we get a lot of “female” questions here but there isn’t a dedicated sticky, so I’m going to start this and if the mods see fit, please sticky it.  Also, not making fun of any questions, I just have a terrible sense of humor.  Trust me, I had all the same questions and they all seemed so very important to me at the time.  Now I know better!


    Can I continue taking birth control?

    Yes.  Bring your medication with you, with the pharmacy label.  When you go the medical the first week, the docs there will take it and give you a new script.  If they have it, it will be your same prescription.


    Can I shave?  I’ll be a hairy ugly beast and won’t have any friends!

    If you can find the time, have at it.  But no one will be looking at your legs, or anyone else’s anything.  No one cares.  They are way too worried about the CCs to worry about you.  If you must, bring some of those razors with the built in shave cream.  You’ll thank me later.


    Since I can’t check my bag, what do I do without my favorite shampoo made out of Tibetan yak tears?  3 oz won’t last 8 weeks!

    You will use Pert 2-in-1 just like everyone else there.  Ah, uniformity.  This goes for your soap and deodorant too.  Now you all smell alike.  Which with all the PT you will be doing, is disgusting.  Once you get home, you will shower dirt off of places you didn’t know you had.  Use that entire bottle of shampoo!  You’ll need it. Oh, this goes for your face care routine as well.  Ah, yes, you will be covered in acne.  It adds to the unappealing quality recruits have.


    I NEED Advil/Tylenol/Pamprin/etc/etc to get through my period.  Can I bring a bottle?

    No, you will you use the Ibuprofen (hey, it’s the same thing as Motrin and Advil, looky that!) that medical gives you the option of getting your first week.  Take it. The CG thinks Ibuprofen solves everything.  After 8 weeks, you will too!


    But they only have granny panties in all white!  I want cute ones!

    Who is going to see your undies?  The other girls. Who all also have granny panties.  They won’t care.


    Can I bring a real bra?

    Sure.  I would. I wore it for off base liberty and graduation.  But if you wear it any other time in basic training, you are un-smart.  And since you got in the CG in the first place, you are smart.  So, bring several sports bras.  You know, white ones.  No, a colored logo won’t be a big deal. Some things are unavoidable.  But I know Target has all white with silver logo, so go with those, ok?


    Do I need a hairbrush/comb?

    For the love of all that is good and holy, YES.  Why this isn’t in the Helmsman is beyond me.  I guess because the guys won’t need one.  But they do not give you this needed item, so bring it.


    Do NOT bring:

    A hairdryer – you won’t even get to keep it

    A slip or pantyhose - They won’t give you a skirt in boot camp to go with it.  No idea why this is even listed in the Helmsman.


    So….make up?

    Sure.  But you’ll have gone 8 weeks without it, so you probably won’t want to wear as much as you did before.  Some powder, mascara, and maybe an eyeliner or shadow.  After boot, I wondered why I wore so much makeup all those years.  I never started again either.

    My hair?  What do I do with it? Long, short?

    Totally up to you.  It needs to be kept neat, and those cute shoulder length bobs usually are not going to stay put.  Some girls swear by chopping everything off. Some say go long.  Try to grow out your bangs and layers, it makes things easier.  Make sure you can pull it back into a ponytail or bun with ease.  It must be kept off your collar.  Even those little buns where you just don’t finish pulling your hair through your pony tail is fine if your hair is short.  You will be using a ton of gel too, so have fun with that.  Mmm…gelmet head.


    I can’t do that many pushups!  I just know I won’t be able to keep up with the guys! 

    First off, stop talking like that.  Yes, you can.  http://hundredpushups.com/ Do it.  Start now.  The CG is the ONLY branch of the military that trains men with women. Why?  Because the CG knows we can kick some butt.  And your CCs know it.  They will expect nothing less.  Don’t expect anything less of yourself.

    Why did I write this long list of questions?
    Because your recruiter is most like a guy, and has no idea what you are asking about or you are too embarrassed to ask.  Mine didn't even know what the difference between a sports bra and regular bra was, and he was married.

    And last but not least, the most uncomfortable question of all…I will just answer it.

    At MEPS, they are just going to take a look at your girly business to make sure you are a girl.  You will get a more thorough exam at boot camp.  If you are over 21, this will include a Pap smear.  You will also get the OPTION (no one will force you) to get the Gardasil vaccine and birth control during later weeks.


    Remember ladies, the point of boot camp is to make you as unattractive to the opposite sex as possible.  If you remember that, it will be a breeze!

    If you have any question that I didn't answer, you can start a thread or PM me.  I am not afraid to answer your embarrassing question.  While I don't want to speak for Bells, I know she helped me a lot when I was getting ready to leave, so I'm sure she'd be glad to help you too. Bells, if you aren't, just throw something at me.


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