Reservist Officers...the real deal!
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29 May 2012 04:52 PM
    Has anyone had any interaction with them or worked with them? Ive only dealt with active duty officers; I've yet to meet a single reservist officer so Im unsure as to what they do. Please don't respond with the jargon on the gocoastguard site. I want to hear the real deal, not that advertising mumbo jumbo.

    As most of you know I'm an active duty BM3, but when I get out as a BM2 or maybe a BM1 I may pursue the reserves as an officer instead of a BM. Im interested to hear what an Ensign/LTJG (that was a former Boatswains Mate for 6 years) would be doing. 

    Thanks guys.

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    30 May 2012 10:20 AM
    Let me preface this by saying that I ship in July. That being said at 36 I know that I am too old for OCS, but not too old for WO.

    I would think that you would need to go to OCS as an active then transition to reserve.

    As an anecdote when I was in high school my science teacher was an LT in the Army reserve. He was more or less the base commander on his weekend and/or in some form of command during the 2 weeks he was in training for his unit. In his case it was the helicopter mechanics.
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    31 May 2012 07:24 PM

    I haven't met any Reserve Officers, but I had a guy in my office get picked up for SRDC. He's going to ROCI in the immediate future. Once he returns I intend to get the day-to-day of the program, and once he reports to his drilling unit I'll ask him to relay his experiences.

    BDM, if Nick gets out after his 4 years are up he can apply for SRDC. He would attend a 3 week Reserve Officer Candidate Indoctrination course rather than OCS.
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