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16 Sep 2018 10:06 AM
    Hello everyone - 

    I recently separated from the CG reserves in 2017 and am now looking to re-enlist either back into the CGR or another branch. I was assigned to a small boat station for my time in the CGR. I was able to utilize Tuition Assistance for a bit of it until the TA program changes took effect. I had not served beyond the typical 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year model.

    My biggest question now, is if I choose to re-enlist in the CG, I plan to go to a PSU where I will likely be able to receive post-9/11 GI benefits from a GTMO rotation at some point (I plan on transferring this benefit to my children). I am interested in going back to school with education benefits as soon as I re-enlist and I am aware the MGIB-SR is an option for me as well once I enlist again. I am familiar with the benefits from the post 9/11 bill, but I am not confident I know the differences or strong points for the MGIB-SR vs. TA. I know TA will not be available to me for the majority of my time in the CGR, but I'm trying to decide if the lack of a reserve funded tuition assistance program is enough to sway me to look at another branch that does offer it. 

    Does anyone have any insight to this? I am also no longer in the IRR so I didn't think it appropriate to contact my former ESO.

    Thank you!
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    16 Sep 2018 03:08 PM
    I do not have much insight into what you are asking about but you may want to look into the new regulations about transferring your benefits. The new rules require more time served and more of a commitment.
    My advice would be to choose the job that you would like to work. In the large scheme of things, schooling isn't that expensive and I would much rather work someplace that I love and pay a little extra for school than not pay for school and hate the place I work. Sorry I can't help with any other logistics.
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    16 Sep 2018 05:13 PM
    Here are a couple of links that will help you compare.

    Apparantly the USNR and USMCR do not offer Reserve tuition assistance. That would leave you with either the USAR or USAFR to choose from if you didn't want to return to the CG
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    09 Oct 2018 08:36 AM
    The T/A policy for CG is still the same, it's only available for active duty members. If you're planning on going to a PSU and getting on a GTMO rotation, you will qualify for T/A the first day of your orders. T/A for CG is roughly half the amount compared to the other branches per fiscal year ($2250).

    MGIB-SR I believe only covers UP TO $368 a month. Once you separate from service, you're no longer eligible. For you, I believe the only way you can qualify for MGIB-SR upon re-enlistment is to obligate another 6 years in the select reserve.

    Unless you did active duty time as a reservist (not including ADT), then I don't think you would have qualified for the POST-911 GIB. You will give you jumped on a GTMO deployment. The Post-911 GIB dispersements are different depending on how much active duty time you complete. The minimum to qualify is 90 days.

    Ideally, if you qualify for both T/A and POST-911, you can use T/A first, and then use POST-911 as "top off" to cover whatever T/A did not cover. Most of my buddies go this route because un-used POST-911 GIB is transferable to spouse/dependents (Now with new stipulations), where T/A is not.

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