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14 Jul 2020 10:24 AM
    Hello. First time poster here. I've read through as many of the threads as I can. Here's a brief bit about me.

    I'm just shy of 40 1/2 years old. I'm a professional pilot living on Long Island in NY. I will likely be furloughed in October due to the pandemic. One of my plans was to go to some sort of school and learn a trade, but I have become more and more interested in doing it in the Coast Guard reserve through the DEPOT program. I have a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree, no prior military service and nothing that I can see that would be obviously disqualifying. (No criminal record, no known medical issues, no drug use, great credit, not too many dependents, etc..).  I also realize that aviation jobs are not really open to reservists, and that's fine with me, as I'm looking to learn new skills.

    Here are a few questions I have, not necessarily in logical order. (And no, I haven't been in contact with a recruiter yet as I want to be as informed as possible before talking to a recruiter so I know I'm asking them the right questions.)

    Being 40 1/2, is between 4-6 months prior to turning 41 enough lead time to speak with a recruiter and wind up in boot camp prior to turning 41?

    I see a number of reserve vacancies listed for NY, but they don't say where in NY, as I have read about being within 100 miles round trip of your assigned unit. Where in NY (specifically NYC/Long Island) are there units that have reserves assigned to them?and how can I find out which vacancies are close to me in NY and which ones are at the other end of the state? The coast guard website doesn't specify.

    If there are several reserve openings for different ratings within my geographic area, will the ASVAB results tell me which one(s) I may be better suited to vs others?

    As far as "A" school goes, I would prefer to choose a rating that trains in Yorktown, VA instead of in CA. My family situation allows my wife and young child to accompany me to training. On the Training Center Yorktown website, it seems as though they just have barracks for trainees. Would I be allowed to secure my own housing nearby in order for my family to be with me for the duration of A school?

    The retirement appeals to me too, so is it that simple to just do 20 years (earn enough points) and earn the retirement? (I realize 20 years is a long time and so many things can happen preventing one from being in the reserves until 60....medical, not desiring to re-enlist, etc...

    That's all I can think of at the moment...any answers/advice/things to consider are greatly appreciated!

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    14 Jul 2020 12:51 PM
    - 4-6 months is going to be very tight for getting to boot camp in your timeframe. You would need to contact a recruiter ASAP in order to have a shot. Many of them aren't working in the office right now, so that will slow down the entire process. Be diligent about getting your documents to them and follow up, and it's possible. I did it in that short of a time frame.

    - The reserve units will be sprinkled throughout greater NYC, Long Island, and even the great lakes region. The specific openings and specific locations are only available internally, and they are subject to change as people enlist into the openings. The only current list will be at the recruiter.

    - The ASVAB is a qualifying test, it doesn't necessarily fit you to a job. It can disqualify you, but even that has potential to be waivered. If you have a degree and are a current pilot, you likely will not have an issue with the ASVAB precluding you.

    - I would suggest you do not choose your job based on location of training, choose what you will want to do. However, Yorktown has BM, MK, GM, IS ratings. As far as living off campus, I do believe I have heard it is possible, though you would need to pay the costs if it is. With COVID19, I suspect the policies may be modified. However, I would again suggest you reconsider this option. Most of the ratings require significant studying time (BM specifically), and not being with your classmates would make this more difficult. Additionally, you have duty/watch 1-2x per week which requires you to be on base the entire time and overnight as well as other duties for your class. Also not sure you have been to Yorktown, but the surrounding areas are not the most glamorous.

    - Retirement is more or less that simple. If you meet the minimum requirements each year (50 points), that year counts towards your retirement. You need 20 years to retire, so bear in mind that a change in family or medical issues that cost you a year can affect your ability to get a pension if you only have 20 years available. You can earn more than 50 points per year, but the annual requirement is unaffected by additional points, you must hit the minimum each year.

    All that being said, if you really want to enlist you need to contact the recruiter immediately.
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    14 Jul 2020 01:16 PM
    Greetings... Right now I see your age being a bar to service. You have to ship to DEPOT prior to your 40th birthday. This allows you to complete 20 years of service, which is what's required to receive a pension, at age 60 (the statutory retirement age).

    As for vacancies, the CG recruiting website is not the most accurate. All units have Reservists, with the exception of cutters. Whether a particular unit has an opening in your rating is another issue.  The Reserve recruits to fill specific openings in specific units.  As far as the ASVAB goes, it will not tell you what you're suited for, but rather what you qualify for.

    As for A school, do NOT select a rating simply based on location or length of A school. So many people do this, and are miserable in their job down the road because they didn't look at the long term ramifications. The CG is not going to pay to move your family to your A school location. These are TDY (Temporary Duty) orders and the CG doesn't move families for that.

    On another note, if being away from your family is an issue, the Reserves are NOT for you. Gone are the days of showing up two days a month and two weeks a year for 20 years. Getting activated and deployed while a Reservist is practically a guarantee these days. Again, the CG isn't going to pay to move your family and they're only going to pay a housing allowance for your home of record. In my 18 years in the CG, I was activated five different times. Four of those five times I was deployed (once was out of the country):  2003- 6 months, Kuwait/Iraq/Northern Arabian Gulf; 2005-90 days, Station Calumet Harbor, Chicago;  2006-1 year, Coast Guard Investigative Service Detachment Los Angeles;  2010-60 days, New Orleans; 2015-30 days, Coast Guard Investigative Service Pacific Region Office, Alameda, CA.

    I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but wanted to make sure you're aware of these things.
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