BM what should I do??
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21 Dec 2009 06:35 AM
    I have currently started my enlisting process and am about to take my asvab and have my pre med stuff in.. Im finding the recruiting process in my area which happens to be vancouver, washington is very slow!  My recruiter told me my first day talking with him that if i were to go enlisted I woundnt ship out till next october around 2011..

    my question... Im set on the BM rate, passion would be small boat stations, maybe later being a coxswain, but which would be better for me should i get in faster through the reserves or wait to become enlisted.. I want to try and be a rivor pilot after the cg, but i know the feild is stuff and slim and hard to get in a wheel house on a tug and work your way up to captain.  Hell, I might like the cg so much I just might wanna stay in for 20 for the
    Help me out, thanks!!

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