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21 Jan 2010 02:36 AM
    Good day!  Just wanted to check in and ask a couple of (likely dumb) questions.  I've started looking into joining the USCG reserves.  I'm 31, have a 2 yr and 4yr degree (electronics and management respectively).  No criminal history, in decent shape, a few speeding tickets in the 90's, and smoked weed a few times (10 or so) more than 6yrs ago.  With that, obviously I'm not a perfect candidate.  BUT I have a good GPA in my 4yr degree (3.53) and would expect to do well on the ASVAB.  My full time employer has given me the blessing to attend any training I choose (full boot or not).  I'm interested in the most likely available position to me, of a BM in/near Chicago (I live in WI, close to Chicago).  I've filled out my application and have a meeting on Monday with the recruiter.  He's likely right, but for me to do this, it sounds like the only way to join is going to full boot camp (which is fine), but I figured a better fit for someone like myself would be the DEPOT training (no more REBI).  I don't even care that much about coming in as an E4 vs E3, just wondering if it's possible.  I'd think, even though it's competitive to get in, they would want to get guys like me, many of whom couldn't do 8 weeks.  What do you guys think? 

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