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02 Feb 2010 04:46 PM
    I am newly looking into the Coast Guard (probably reserves) and have some questions.

    1. Enlisted or Officer? I have my college degree, and like the leadership stuff, but I want to do boardings and actual law enforcement.

    2. My boyfriend is active duty Navy, how easy would it be to transfer Reserve units every couple years when he is transferred?

    3. How does the whole Reserve thing work? With the 2 days/2 weeks thing, is that more geared toward training, or is it actual work?

    4. What else can you tell me?
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    02 Feb 2010 10:01 PM

    Why not go for both? Put your Officer package in and enlist at the same time! If you are picked up for OCS you will be given the option to discharge and commission on the same day.

    No one on this board can answer with any degree of reliability which way YOU would be more happy. The choice between enlisting and Officer is solely yours, Some people love to lead, others love to get hands on. You will get a little of both regardless of which route you take.

    The CG is not going to move you every cpl of years to stay with a spouse of another service much less a boyfriend. It is difficult when you have cross service couples to ensure a reasonable commute distance between the two of you. Both services are involved, and while they due their best, the needs of the service come first.

    You are working at an Active unit doing the same job as your active duty counterparts. The minimum time required is 2 days a month and 2 weeks a year, but needs of the service again prevail and you can be called upon for extended deployments.

    Your recruiter will be able to answer these questions with a greater degree of accuracy as he/she will know your full situation.

    I wish you the best!


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