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20 Mar 2010 07:09 AM
    Hey guys, i have recently joined the USCG Reserves because active duty is full.. I qualify for all the jobs in the Coast Guard, passed all my exams and set up a boot camp date of May 25. I have a quesion though, I want to become an Officer. I am 20 Yrs old and was thinking about the Academy but not being a US Citizen until another year, I am left in the clouds. Is there any advice as to how i should pursue my career as being an Officer? I plan to attend BM school once i graduate boot camp. My recruiter said that i could either apply for the academy next year when I am a US Citizen, or i could use the G.I. Bill and get an Associates Degree while in the Reserves, then apply for an Officer Position. I have no idea what to do or which direction i should pursue? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks Yohandrys
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    22 Mar 2010 03:34 PM
    The GI bill has a lot of restrictions and prerequisites for reserves. Make sure you do your research on so that you are aware of them. The path you take depends on your own preference. If you go to the Academy and graduate, you are definitely going to receive a commission. If you get your associates degree and apply, you have a shot, but no guarantees at getting selected for OCS. If it were me, and I had the opportunity to go to the Academy, then I would take that path. But that's just my personal opinion.

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