10-20 OCS-T (Jan 2021 OCS)
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19 May 2020 09:26 PM
    Wondering who else applied for 10-20 OCS-T, for the JAN 2021 OCS class. The panel just convened yesterday (18 MAY 2020) after being delayed from 27 APR 2020 due to COVID-19.

    The average time from panel date to selection results message seems to be around three weeks for the past few years. I wonder if they'll speed it up due to the delay. Does anyone know how that works? I've heard a number of things, but apparently they contact you with the unofficial results a few days before the message comes out.
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    25 May 2020 11:18 AM
    I aslo applied and have heard all of the same. I was told two weeks to a month from May 18th we should hear something.
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    29 May 2020 10:18 AM
    Sounds about right; I haven't heard anything yet. I'll post the message on here when it comes out.
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    29 May 2020 08:30 PM
    Looks like the DCO panel results were posted today hopefully our results will be out next week.
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    01 Jun 2020 02:46 PM
    Results are out, below is the message FYI (spoilers)

    R 01 JUN 20
    UNCLAS //N01131//
    A. 20 MAY 19 / ALCGRECRUITING 007/19
    B. 20 MAR 20 / ALCGRECRUITING 007/20
    C. Coast Guard Recruiting Manual, COMDTINST M1100.2 (Series)
    D. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual,
    COMDTINST M1020.8 (Series)
    E. Coast Guard Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1 (Series)
    1. Commander, Coast Guard Personnel Service Center (CG PSC) has
    approved the results of OCS-T Selection Panel 10-20, which convened
    IAW Ref A and B on 18 May 2020. The panel recommended the following
    individuals as primary and alternate candidates to receive appointments
    to OCS, class convening (CLCVN) date OOA January 2021.
    2. Primary selectees approved by CG PSC are listed in alphabetical
    order. Numerics assigned are for tracking purposes only and do not
    reflect rank ordering.
    Primary Selectees:
    No. Name Rate/Rating Unit
    1. Abdallah, Brandon A. AET2 AIRSTA Atlantic City
    2. Blugis, Collin M. BM2 STA Woods Hole
    3. Chastain, Mariah C. EM1 BASE San Juan
    4. Davis, Rachel S. OS1 CGC WAESCHE
    5. Dwyer, Allen R. AET1 AIRSTA Savannah
    6. Fuentes, Christopher BM1 ANT Oak Island
    7. Haksteen, Michelle T. OS2 COMMCOM
    8. Hur, Jee W. AET2 AIRSTA Port Angeles
    9. Johannis, Tiffany A. DC2 CGC WILLOW
    10. Lavallee, Andrew P. BM2 CGC HEALY
    11. Leitzke, Cassandra M. OS2 VTS San Francisco
    12. Nelson, Wyatt A. EM1 Sector Charleston
    13. Olszewski, Jaclyn B. AET2 AIRSTA Sacramento
    14. Oravitz, Craig M. ME1 TACLET South
    15. Reinoso, Luciano O. MST2 Sector LA/LB
    16. Stephens, Joshua K. ET2 TRACEN Cape May
    17. Stuart, Jennifer P. BM2 BASE Kodiak
    18. Vella, Gregory J. AST2 AIRSTA Miami
    19. Whitaker, Lauren R. OS2 COMMCOM
    20. Yockey, James W. AET1 ATC Mobile
    3. Alternates are listed in the order appointments may be offered. The
    10-20 OCS-T Panel alternate list remains effective until the Commander,
    Personnel Service Center approves the results of the next OCS-T Panel.
    Alternates are encouraged to reapply to maximize their commissioning
    Alternate Selectees:
    No. Name Rate/Rating Unit
    1. Ragin, Trevor R. MK1 RUITOFF Atlanta
    2. Locklear, Erik J. YN2 MFPU Kings Bay
    3. Tomlin, Peter D. BM1 STA Hatteras Inlet
    4. Stewart, Steven M. BM1 MSST Miami
    5. Becker, Joseph S. BM1 CGC CHIPPEWA
    6. Stufflebeam, Will R. AET2 AIRSTA Barbers Point
    7. Chaney, Daelyn R. AMT1 ATC Mobile
    8. Urquiaga, William OS2 Sector Miami Beach
    9. Diehl, Timothy J. OS2 VTS New York
    10. Medina, Jean A. AMT2 AIRSTA Clearwater
    11. Arcia, Adrian A. YN2 BASE Charleston
    12. Bider, Anthony A. BM2 STA San Juan
    13. Haksteen, Jonathon H. MK1 TRACEN Yorktown
    14. McFadden, Colin J. AMT2 AIRSTA Atlantic City
    15. Hancock, John R. BM2 STA Oak Island
    16. Afaisen, Tayler S. MK2 CGC WILLIAM HART
    17. Martini, Michael A. BM2 STA Yaquina Bay
    18. Showalter, Kaleb R. BM2 STA Pascagoula
    19. Anderson, David D. ET2 CGC SENECA
    20. Quaife, Paul R. ME2 Sector San Juan
    21. Vaval, Jaleesa N. SK2 Sector Maryland-NCR
    22. Maddux, Mathew L. MK2 CGC HAMILTON
    23. Stoddard, Andrew M. MST2 Sector North Carolina
    24. Arbesu, Anthony R. AET2 Sector San Diego
    25. Johnston, Jennifer D. OS1 Sector Key West
    4. Selectees will receive letters notifying them of their selection and
    any pending commissioning requirements. Final appointment to the rank of
    ensign is contingent upon meeting all commissioning eligibility
    requirements, remaining fully qualified IAW Refs A through E, and
    successfully completing OCS.
    5. This announcement is for planning purposes only and is not authority
    to issue travel orders to OCS. Members with dependents will be issued
    TAD orders. Members without dependents will be issued TEMDUIN orders.
    6. Recruiters shall ensure all primary and alternate selectees’ SF-86
    information is current, then release the SF-86 in EQIP upon receipt
    of this message to initiate a Tier 3 investigation as needed.
    7. The selection panel consisted of the following members:
    Name Unit
    CAPT A. C. Foos COMDT (CG-R5)
    CDR B. T. Conley COMDT (CG-711)
    LCDR G. F. Hall COMDT (CG-0921)
    LCDR C. M. Smith COMDT (CG-9336)
    LCDR L. R. Gorlin Sector Maryland-NCR
    LT S. D. Wood Base NCR
    LT K. L. Ahrens MSC
    8. Applicants who were not selected or were selected as alternates are
    required to reapply through their recruiting office if interested in
    being considered for any future selection panel.
    9. The proceedings of a selection panel, including its deliberations
    and criteria for selection, cannot be disclosed to any person who was
    not a member of the panel. However, the panel precept is available on
    the Panels and Reports (PARTS) CG Portal page,
    10. Questions regarding the results of the panel can be directed to the
    Panels and Reports (PARTS) Manager, Mr. Blaine Nibley at
    11. Serving as a selection panel member is an excellent professional
    development opportunity for officers. Officers interested in serving
    as members of an officer selection panel should contact CG RC PARTS
    via email at CGR-SMB-PARTS@uscg.mil.
    12. CAPT Richter L. Tipton, Commanding Officer, CG RC, sends.
    13. Internet release authorized.

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