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11 Sep 2020 06:24 PM
    Reaching out to see if anyone has information/experience with the Prior Trained Military Officer (PTMO) program? 
    - is the application process as simple as what's on the CG website?
    - what's a normal 1st tour look like?
    - how much say do you have in where you go/what you do?
    - what kind of billets are being filled?
    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    Background Info: I am currently an ENS in the Navy with a Masters in Homeland Security. 
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    30 Sep 2020 06:57 PM
    Hello Zach,

    PTMO is a panel that selects applicants 2x/year, I believe. Your recruiter can provide a PTMO document checklist (for you to provide the docs to him/her) and prepare you for the commissioning physical at MEPS (or you can complete this physical at your current military treatment facility (an MTF physical is good for 1 year, MEPS is good for 2 years). After completing the checkilst/package and physical you will be interviewed by 3 CG officers and all of that will be submitted to the command for consideration for selection. The open billets are not shopped or communicated in any way to recruiting staff. You should expect to be available nationwide. That is ok because CG orders can surprise us in their reward. Good luck.

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